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Keller Bros. Pre-Owned is known as Truck Village, because we are the home to a high population of capable, pre-owned trucks. If you're in the market for your next 4X4 look no further than Keller Bros. Pre-Owned!


The Preowned Truck Desitination


Shopping for your next pickup? Why would you go to a shop where you're limited to only one make? You need options, and at Keller Bros. Pre-Owned that's exactly what you'll get. We have Fords, Rams, GMCs, Chevys, Jeeps, Nissans, and Toyotas. Talk about variety!

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red ford f-150 raptor on mountain
ram 1500 with horse trailer

Great Prices on Great Trucks


Pre-Owned means it's going to be a great price, but at Keller Bros. it means it's going to be the best price! We sell our trucks cheap, because if we're being honest we've got more than we need! Come by today and save big on your next heavy duty work vehicle!


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Powerful Trucks in Lebanon


Look, we get it, you're truck is a tool. You're not driving a truck for the looks, or the attention, you're driving it because it's the number one tool in your garage. You need the right tools for the job, and at Keller Bros. we have the absolute best selection of trucks in one place. Come to our lot and pick out your next multitool.

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white 2019 toyota tundra

If you're in the market for your next truck come to Keller Bros. Pre-Owned and get the right one right away.

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