Benefits of Purchasing a Pre-Owned SUV

Buying and owning a brand-new SUV can be thrilling and exciting. But, while it can be a great feeling to get something new, the cost and quick depreciation can be a real downer. If these are important considerations for you, buying a pre-owned SUV may be a great option.

There are many reasons you might want a pre-owned SUV. If you decide to buy a used or pre-owned SUV, what benefits do you get over buying a new one?

No Worries About Depreciation

Do you know that if you buy a brand-new car, its value decreases by 11% as you drive it home? This means that if you buy a brand-new SUV for $50,000, the moment you drive it away from the dealership into your garage, you can't sell it for more than $44,500. As time passes, the value of your vehicle will continue to depreciate. With a pre-owned SUV, you don't have to worry about depreciation because it has already happened. If you keep it in good shape, a used SUV may even gain value after purchase.

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Pay Much Less than the Original MSRP

Pre-owned SUVs usually sell for about half their original sticker price. Many people use their cars for only an average of 6 years before replacing them. That means you can get a great quality vehicle at a deep discount.

Quality Guaranteed

While new cars come with a warranty, you may not realize that this is available for many pre-owned vehicles as well. Although many used SUVs still carry a portion of the original manufacturer's warranty, it is also possible to opt for a dealer warranty to further protect your purchase. With a wide variety of inventory to browse, whether you are interested in a certified pre-owned vehicle or one without a warranty, you are sure to find the perfect SUV for your needs.

Furthermore, if an SUV maintains its value even after its initial owner, this is a good indication that it was built to last. All of our cars are carefully checked and must meet our high-quality standards before going onto our lot, so you can know a purchase from Keller Brothers Pre-Owned is sure to serve you and your family well for years to come.

Upgrades Included

When buying a brand-new SUV from a dealership, you might have to spend extra to get the features you want. However, many used SUVs already have upgrades included that were paid for by the previous owner. This means you too can enjoy them for little to no added cost. And, as a used vehicle is rarely the latest model year, many accessories may be available at a discount if you choose to add them.

With all the benefits a pre-owned SUV offers, choosing the right one for your family can be challenging. Let the experienced team at Keller Brothers Pre-Owned help you find the perfect vehicle. Check out our great inventory, contact us online or via phone, or stop by for a test drive today!

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